A Mandarin & Nous

A Mandarin & Nous

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Kickstarter for Nepal Tea LLC

Kickstarter for Nepal Tea LLC
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A message from our partner: Namlo International (on Nepal)

A message from our partner: Namlo International (on Nepal)

Namlo - Past, Present & Future

Dear Namlo supporter,

I apologize for the lengthy note, but here’s some of the things we accomplished in 2016 - and what we’ll be doing in 2017:

Building a temporary learning center in Raghu to serve 200+ students while their school is being rebuilt this year by Namlo. This year we will be building schools in Raghu and Arunodaya. These are new community partnerships!

  • Providing dozen scholarships for students in Tanahu and Sindhupalchowk districts. We take them all the way to a college education.
  • Supporting the dissemination of greenhouses in Nepal that are helping families earn $20 per month income from the production and local sale of tomatoes. This year we’ll double the number of greenhouses in Dhuskun.
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship through our livestock program in Dhuskun, initially with goats provided to 55 women, a further distribution of 40 goat kids to more families. This year we’ll help 50 more women. The growing demand for vet services is keeping a para veterinarian employed. Women who own the male breeders are also earning money providing services. This year we’ll be monitoring the sale of the goats as they mature to see the women reach the target of increasing their incomes by 20%
  • Building sustainability through the Namlo/EWB water program in Sabhung, where water user fees have enabled 116 participating households to collect $5,000 to date and use the funds to maintain the system as well as providing $3,000 in microloans in the community. This project employs one full-time person supported by the community with funds raise. By the end of the year, Namlo/EWB will disengage and the system will be managed by the water users committee who have proven themselves capable through many technical trials.
  • The Sabhung Cooperative membership is now at 61 women and 10 men who have provided almost $7,000 in loans to members for microenterprise activities. The coop employs one full time staff person from funds raised by the community. The number of weavers in the cooperative is increasing as a result of securing contracts from two major handicraft shops in Kathmandu. For 2017, we’ll be improving quality, quantity and building a business plan to enable the women weavers to operate on an economically sustainable basis.
  • The community of Dhuskun completed the massive retaining wall to protect women’s cooperative
  • Data collected from OrganiCasa owners documented in the Cumulative Greenhouse Production Report for 2016 show us that the introduction of low-cost greenhouses in these areas is improving agricultural production and dietary diversity, in a manner that is immediate and offering long-term solutions to poor nutrition. greenhouses are also generating revenue to measurably improve incomes with the average of a 20% increase to annual incomes.   In 2016, Thirty-four families bringing the total number of families to 60 (+-250 people). 20% of greenhouse sales were to women. Namlo response to demand has brought it to a total of 18 communities.
  • During 2016, 67,253 lbs. of vegetables have been produced at a total value of over $11,554 for an average of 1,564 lbs. produced per person with a value of $275 per person. What’s important to note is that these figures only represent forty-five of the current families, due to the fact that new families have not been generating data from harvests by the end of the year.
  • One farmer in Las Calabazas earned over $8,500 in a three-month period by growing and transplanting 13,000 green pepper seedlings, to irrigated fields. Since the start of the project, the average family has harvested 186 lbs., consumed 105 lbs. and sold 82 lbs. worth. With our initial goal being to improve the dietary diversity of families, we are pleased to see that families are eating the majority of the vegetables, and selling afterward.
  • A healthy indicator of the acceptability of the OrganiCasa greenhouse has been the continuous demand as evidenced by a waiting list of 20 – 40 families on an ongoing basis.


And now for the future: I’ll be stepping down as executive director to bring Lorena Garcia. Lorena brings with her extensive experience in non-profit organizational development. She has expanded organizations through strategic fundraising, communications, and program development. She believes that the most effective solutions for communities in need are the solutions that come from those directly affected. I’ve enjoyed working for Namlo for the past 3+ years, and am confident that I’m leaving it in capable hands. Lorena will need your help - the two schools we’ll be building cost over $100,000, and every donation is needed to help give a safe, secure environment for a kid in Nepal. We’re also in danger of losing the Nicaragua program if more funds can’t be secured immediately. So do what you can to help. These are great programs, with solid impact.


Thanks so much for your support!


Keith Frausto

Executive Director




Please visit Namlo International if you want to help!



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Afternoon tea with Paris Popcorn

Afternoon tea with Paris Popcorn

NOUSTEA Paris Popcorn

NOUS Tea is delighted with our latest collaboration and honored to be featured on the latest article by Paris lifestyle blog Nirit from The Paris Popcorn.

We caught up with her over tea and spent a lovely afternoon chatting, sharing stories over a photo session. Passionate about Fashion, Gourmet and Art, Nirit is a global blogger/journalist (Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, London, Southern Africa and now Paris cross her path) and a mommy to three little ones while looking fabulous. 

Read her article click on the below image or go to:


Catch the Paris Popcorn behind the scenes video:
Video Credit: Paris Popcorn
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NOUS Tea at Leopold's, in San Francisco

NOUS Tea at Leopold's, in San Francisco

The stupendously popular Austrian/German bierhaus Leopold’s in Russian Hill of San Francisco, has chosen NOUS Tea to be its featured non-alcoholic hot beverage for weekend brunch pairing and/or as a preemptive cure for a near-future (i.e. morning after) hangover.

A friendly and charming Bavarian joint, Leopold’s serves rustic and hearty classics (mouth-watering house-made charcuterie, goulash, weiner schnitzel, Linzer torte…) of generous portion made of fresh and top quality ingredients, with old-world beers on tap, classics from the Alpine, and selected wines from small but unique producers of North and Eastern Europe in a notoriously lively atmosphere.

We love Leopold’s obsession about going the distance (how about Hungary, Slovenia, Friuli, and Alto-Adige…etc) when it comes to serving the most authentic and highest quality food and beverages possible. NOUS Tea shares the same stubborn belief that only the best and exceptional are worthy of our patrons’ attention. Our unique blends from Tanzania, Nepal, Burma…etc. are novel gems!

We are thrilled to be featured in one of the most iconic hubs in the Bay Area. See you at Leopold’s soon!


2400 Polk Street, San Francisco California, 94109                 
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Paris food blogger meets NOUS Tea

Paris food blogger meets NOUS Tea

NOUS Tea is proud to be featured on the latest article by Paris based food blogger Karin Shibata. Karin is a very talented multi faceted artist (journalist, actress/singer) and is the true definition of a global citizen: her trilingual (French, English and Japanese) blog is followed by many fans all over the world (including us) and we were thrilled to hear she loved our concept and products.

To read her article click on the below image or go to: 

Photo credits: KARIN SHIBATA

Follow her on her Facebook page:

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Nepal earthquake 2015, one year later.

Nepal earthquake 2015, one year later.

A little more than a year ago we discovered an amazing certified organic black tea from Nepal. We named it “Himalayan Repose”. We love its elegant and smooth body, with subtle hints of citrus, spice that rivals any exclusive first-flush Darjeeling tea that costs four to five times more.

To connect with the community we source tea from, we partner with Namlo International, an NGO that has been operating in Nepal since 2009, to channel our donation to the region to help fight poverty with education.


In April 2015, a violent 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the Himalayan state that killed 9000 people, left millions of Nepalese with no safe shelters in winter, and close to a million of children with no schools to attend. Namlo has since redirected its focus in Nepal to relief and rebuild effort. 

NOUS Tea stands behind Namlo International and determined to donate $1/ box of tea sold dedicated to this mission. Our Direct-partnership-with-nonprofit model contributes more than quadruple the value each Fairtrade or similarly labeled product can generate. It is more labor intensive for us but creates more meaningful assistance. 

Don't underestimate the power of each $1 of donation can do:

•  $1 pays for a student's two weeks of writing supplies.

•  $25 pays a scholarship student one full year of books.

•  $50 provides Lifestock training for Dhuskun Women's Co-op in Nepal...etc. 

Once you try NOUS tea, you will know why we want to stay connected with the community, so we and loved ones can continue to enjoy great teas from Nepal and other great regions.

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Sharing a post from our strategic partner in Colorado: Namlo International

Sharing a post from our strategic partner in Colorado: Namlo International

Help Us Rebuild Nepal!

 It's been almost a year since the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and for most people, life is pretty much the same. The effects of last year's earthquake, long, crippling trade embargo from India and government confusion has left reconstruction at a standstill.  People are still living in homes built with the emergency supplies(such as above) that you helped us provide last year.  Helping just the people in our communities rebuild with permanent housing will cost $5-7 million, way beyond our reach.  In our communities, we're ready to begin rebuilding our schools.  We have enough funds to get started, but we still need $30,000 for repairs at three schools (for over 600 kids) and one women's center.  We also been approached by a new community - Arunodaya - who would like our help in rebuilding their school which will cost around$35,000.   It's a great opportunity to get involved.  You can pick your project, and watch it grow. Better yet,  all donations over $200 are matched by the Benito & Frances C. Gaguine grant!

Donate now! 

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Filip Yip: Designer. Creator. Vampire?

Does he ever sleep? Designer Filip Yip has created countless stunning package designs, logos, characters and brand assets over his acclaimed career, and now in his ‘spare time’, he’s created a product that’s just as beautiful. Last month Nous Tea made its debut, inspired by Filip’s lifelong love of tea and a fortuitous reunion with an old friend.

Filip’s latest work, inside and outside the package.

On a visit to his native Hong Kong, Filip and a high school friend brainstormed ideas to combine their passion for natural health with their business acumen. A third partner brought Chinese Medicine expertise to the table. “It’s very personal. This is almost performance art for me,” says Filip. “I get to combine design and business. And everything is real: real people growing real organic teas, real NGOs, and of course, real intentions.” An impressive 10% of sales from the teas support NGOs in the regions where the tea is sourced.


“This is almost performance art for me.”


Of course, for Filip, no matter how fulfilling the product inside the box, a top notch design was required for outside. “I went through 6 full visual architectures,” he says. “It actually wasn’t hard to come up with something I like. It was hard to guess what consumers would like.”

Even the box tops received rigorous design TLC.

You can judge for yourself – Nous Teas are newly available online and coming soon to restaurants and retail chains. And rest assured, Filip won’t just be sitting around sipping tea. He’s already on to his next design adventures – some hush hush identity work for a major airline, as well as assets for Anheuser Bush/Miller beers. 

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Help St Jude's by drinking tea

Source: School of St Jude, Arusha, Tanzania.
St Jude's students will receive a donation when people purchase NOUS Tea, a company started by St Jude's supporter Filip Yip.

All Filip Yip needed was a visit to St Jude’s, and he was “in love instantaneously”.

Ever since, the illustrator/designer by trade has been looking for a way to help our school fight poverty through education, and his latest business turned out to be just the right avenue.

Filip’s new venture combines his passion for exotic teas, a fondness for sourcing products from little known developing countries and a desire to help people in need.

He launched NOUS Tea in December 2015, offering a premium organic selection of blends with a $1 donation to St Jude’s or fellow charity Namlo International (for earthquake relief in Nepal) from each package sold.

Good for you and good for education: NOUS Tea is donating $1 to St Jude's from each sale of its Kilimanjaro Sunrise blend.

“We took a tour at St Jude's and fell in love instantaneously with the premises, especially the fleet of colorful school buses,” Filip said, explaining that he had travelled to Arusha with a Tanzanian colleague for market research on their university business concept. “The academic achievement of the students is very impressive and inspiring! Since then I have been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with St Jude’s.”

The trip was also a valuable step along Filip’s emerging career path, with the business concept earning them third place at the prestigious Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge Business Plan Competition in 2010.

After creating visual brand assets for almost two decades, Filip said it was five years ago when he was recruited to rebrand a tea in the UK where the seeds for NOUS were sown.

His NOUS research led him to the advantages of sourcing teas from “neglected origins”.

“There is always a poor cousin next door (to countries with well-established tea reputations such as Darjeeling), who do not get the same love due to their underdeveloped economy and infrastructure. State borders are only imaginary and political boundary does not divide climate or soil composition,” he explained. “Teas from Myanmar taste a lot like their counterparts from Yunnan; teas from Tanzania are comparable to those from Kenya; and teas from Nepal have the same characteristics of those from Darjeeling's...etc.”

Filip (pictured) said the advantages of sourcing teas from these areas include being organic and non-GMO.

“Teas from trees not grown industrially are in fact more flavorful, thanks to the soil that is not depleted of nutrients nor polluted by chemicals. Merchants and farmers in these regions are also keen to work with importers because of their desire for economic growth,” he said.

“This is one area where we can squeeze some budget out for charity. We get clean, delicious teas at a lower cost, and experiment with reducing marketing cost to further increase charity contribution.”

Filip said it will also be an interesting challenge to see if they can raise awareness of their product though communities such as St Jude’s supporters, as effectively as traditional marketing campaigns.

“We are starting really lean, yet we are super ambitious in being generous, $1 a box for donation is a big chunk of revenue. No big established multinational brands can afford that kind of social commitment,” he said.

“We want to give back to the communities we source tea from in a meaningful manner, and education is definitely one area that’s proven to be effective in reducing poverty in the neediest population.”

New York-based NOUS tea is currently exploring new avenues to ensure more people around the world can purchase from their selection and support charity. Go to to make your order, and have it delivered anywhere.

The kind folks at NOUS tea have also made a special offer for St Jude’s supporters. Make your order with this discount code - stjudes25 - and enjoy 25% off the total purchase.

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