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Help Us Rebuild Nepal!

 It's been almost a year since the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and for most people, life is pretty much the same. The effects of last year's earthquake, long, crippling trade embargo from India and government confusion has left reconstruction at a standstill.  People are still living in homes built with the emergency supplies(such as above) that you helped us provide last year.  Helping just the people in our communities rebuild with permanent housing will cost $5-7 million, way beyond our reach.  In our communities, we're ready to begin rebuilding our schools.  We have enough funds to get started, but we still need $30,000 for repairs at three schools (for over 600 kids) and one women's center.  We also been approached by a new community - Arunodaya - who would like our help in rebuilding their school which will cost around$35,000.   It's a great opportunity to get involved.  You can pick your project, and watch it grow. Better yet,  all donations over $200 are matched by the Benito & Frances C. Gaguine grant!

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