Nepal earthquake 2015, one year later.

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A little more than a year ago we discovered an amazing certified organic black tea from Nepal. We named it “Himalayan Repose”. We love its elegant and smooth body, with subtle hints of citrus, spice that rivals any exclusive first-flush Darjeeling tea that costs four to five times more.

To connect with the community we source tea from, we partner with Namlo International, an NGO that has been operating in Nepal since 2009, to channel our donation to the region to help fight poverty with education.


In April 2015, a violent 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the Himalayan state that killed 9000 people, left millions of Nepalese with no safe shelters in winter, and close to a million of children with no schools to attend. Namlo has since redirected its focus in Nepal to relief and rebuild effort. 

NOUS Tea stands behind Namlo International and determined to donate $1/ box of tea sold dedicated to this mission. Our Direct-partnership-with-nonprofit model contributes more than quadruple the value each Fairtrade or similarly labeled product can generate. It is more labor intensive for us but creates more meaningful assistance. 

Don't underestimate the power of each $1 of donation can do:

•  $1 pays for a student's two weeks of writing supplies.

•  $25 pays a scholarship student one full year of books.

•  $50 provides Lifestock training for Dhuskun Women's Co-op in Nepal...etc. 

Once you try NOUS tea, you will know why we want to stay connected with the community, so we and loved ones can continue to enjoy great teas from Nepal and other great regions.

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