NOUS Tea at Leopold's, in San Francisco

The stupendously popular Austrian/German bierhaus Leopold’s in Russian Hill of San Francisco, has chosen NOUS Tea to be its featured non-alcoholic hot beverage for weekend brunch pairing and/or as a preemptive cure for a near-future (i.e. morning after) hangover.

A friendly and charming Bavarian joint, Leopold’s serves rustic and hearty classics (mouth-watering house-made charcuterie, goulash, weiner schnitzel, Linzer torte…) of generous portion made of fresh and top quality ingredients, with old-world beers on tap, classics from the Alpine, and selected wines from small but unique producers of North and Eastern Europe in a notoriously lively atmosphere.

We love Leopold’s obsession about going the distance (how about Hungary, Slovenia, Friuli, and Alto-Adige…etc) when it comes to serving the most authentic and highest quality food and beverages possible. NOUS Tea shares the same stubborn belief that only the best and exceptional are worthy of our patrons’ attention. Our unique blends from Tanzania, Nepal, Burma…etc. are novel gems!

We are thrilled to be featured in one of the most iconic hubs in the Bay Area. See you at Leopold’s soon!


2400 Polk Street, San Francisco California, 94109                 

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