Salut Hong Kong 2023!

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Birth place of founder, and the city where a new organic tea concept took shape after meeting several Chinese doctors who specialized in treating patients using high quality organic teas.


Hong Kong is more than special to all of us at NOUS tea, it is part of our identity. Amid many challenges and uncertainties the city still faces, every moment of human connection is precious and emotion-filled.


By chance or will of God, we are blessed to be partnering with a premium local distributor in Hong Kong starting 2023, making it more convenient for our Hong Kong patrons to find our teas from Paris in person. Whether you are on the Hong Kong or Kowloon side, you can find a Twins Baking Supplies Co’s retail stores to purchase our premium organic tea in cotton sachet. The same beautiful blends we currently serve your European and American counterparts.


Hong Kong is always in our minds. Let’s stay connected.


For more information, visit Twins baking Supplies’ retail stores or online site.

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