NOUS donates an average of US$1 per carton to support NGOs that continuously inspire us with their integrity and passion for helping indigenous communities realize their potential and aspirations.

We are currently partnering with The School of St Jude’s, Arusha, Tanzania; and Namlo International (NAMLO in NEPAL: Earthquake Relief) in addressing the most immediate needs of the communities. Please read on and visit their websites for more information, we hope you too will get involved and support them to maximize the return on charitable efforts.


Namlo International: NAMLO in NEPAL: Earthquake Relief

A US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Namlo International, Inc., has been assisting Nepal and Nicaragua since 1999, with a focus on education, economic development, women’s empowerment, and infrastructure improvement.

In the wake of the 2015 earthquake, Namlo Nepal offered disaster relief and reconstruction support in remote villages in Sindhupalchowk and Tanahu districts, two of the worst struck areas, providing 1,505 families (8,277 individuals) with supplies ranging from food to personal hygiene items, mosquito nets, blankets, cooking utensils and emergency shelter.

Namlo is launching a new initiative to help 4,100 families across Dhuskun and Mankha build earthquake resistant homes at an estimated cost of around US$250,000 over 12 months. For more details, visit:


st judes

THE SCHOOL OF ST JUDE’S, Arusha, Tanzania:

Fight Poverty through Education

The School of St Jude opened in 2002 with three students and one teacher. Today there are over 1,900 bright children from disadvantaged backgrounds receiving a free, high-quality primary and secondary education at this charity-funded school located across three modern, well-equipped academic and boarding campuses.

The Australian founder, Gemma Sisia, recognizing that quality education was the best weapon against Africa's crippling poverty, embraced the challenge to open this school and inspired many thousands of supporters from around the globe to join her in "Fighting Poverty through Education."

The success of the school is seen in the students' excellent academic results, the high calibre of the 300 Tanzanian academic and administrative staff and the positive impact on the local community where many businesses thrive from providing the school's needs.

St Jude's aims to be an exemplary institution forging the well-educated, community-minded and ethical Tanzanian leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs of the future. For more information, visit




Tel: +1-303-399-3649