About Us

Most people familiar with '"Nous" recognize it as the French word for "we/us". We, however, see in NOUS a lifestyle inspired by the joy of connecting with nature and the broader human community.

We are all connected to nature through our body and the most important way we manage that connection is through caring for our body. That is why we are fascinated by tea.

Not only is tea drinking one of the oldest health-promoting practices, it is unique in having a universal appeal because of tea's amazing variety. Through the wide spectrum of growing conditions and processing methods, teas can range from warming to relaxing, thereby catering to the needs of different seasons, times of the day, body constitutions, moods and tastes.

Besides connecting us with our bodies, tea has connected diverse human communities through the spread of tea growing as an agricultural practice. That is why we are committed to different parts of the world, especially some of the less appreciated tea growing regions like Myanmar, Nepal and Tanzania, to help connect the global community.  

We also see in NOUS an opportunity to add meaning to the connection between tea enthusiasts and tea growing communities by donating to NGOs whose continuing work will better the lives of these communities.

Welcome to the world of NOUS.